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5-a-Side Leagues

Our Tennents Adult 5-a-side Leagues include:


Fixture and rules pack for all teams.

• Squads of up to 15 players each season.

• Referees, all SFA affiliated.

• Promotion and relegation at the end of each season.

• Great prizes, provided by our league sponsors, Tennents, for the winners and runners up of each division as well as the player of the match each week.


For more information on what nights our leagues run choose the relevant centre.


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Have any questions about Competitive Leagues?


Q. The information signs on the pitches state that players must consult Pro-Soccers 'Terms of Play" before commencing activity. Where can I find these?

A. Our 'Terms of Play' can be found in the reception area of the complex.  You may also ask at reception for a printed copy or you may view them here.  These conditions are to ensure that all players understand their own duty of care towards their saferty whilst taking part in small sided soccer which can be a fast paced, physical game.

Q. Do we all need to be members to play in a league?

A. No - but the team organiser must complete a league application form and pay a registration fee. Simply call Pro-Soccer Glasgow on 0141 621 4459 or Pro-Soccer Ayr on 01292 280 606 to have a league application form posted to you, or download one by clicking the link below.

Glasgow League Application Form

Ayr League Application Form

Q. How long is a Pro-Soccer 5-a-side league season?

A. Generally the answer to this question is fourteen weeks, however, some mini leagues or grading divisions may differ slightly.

Q. How many teams make up a Pro-Soccer 5-a-side division?

A. Eight, however, some mini leagues or grading divisions may differ slightly.

Q. How many players can my team use for a match?

A. Eight in total, five players and three substitutes.

Q. How many players can my team use throughout a season?

A. Fifteen.

Q. Are referees included?

A. Yes, Pro-Soccer will always arrange a qualified official for all matches.

Q. Are the leagues affiliated to the SFA?

A. Yes, we are affiliated to the Scottish Welfare Football Association.

Q. Can I choose what night of the week I play?

A. Yes, subject to availability. Pro-Soccer run leagues on a variety of days, both weekend & midweek.

Q. Can my team join a league mid-season?

A. Yes, providing there is a vacancy available.

Q. Do my players need to wear shin guards?

A. Yes, shin guards are compulsory for league play.

Q. What type of footwear is suitable?

A. Astro-trainers and any non-metal blades or studs are suitable for Pro-Soccer's rubber filled monofilament Viagrass surface.

Q. Do we need to wear matching strips?

A. No, this is not a requirement, but it helps.

Q. Is there promotion and relegation at the end of each season?

A. Yes, generally two teams are promoted and two teams are relegated from each division.

Q. What do the winners and runners up of each division win?

A. Please call Pro-Soccer for an up-to-date prize list.

Q. What if our opposition fails to turn up for a game or cancels it?

A. Pro-Soccer will try to get you a friendly match.